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English Courses

A big variety of English courses in London and many other cities

You are aware about the importance of learning English and you are thinking to come to the UK to study the idiom. So now you need to decide where to go!

This decision can be made based in many different reasons. You may be looking for a big city where you can easily find a work while you study or for a place near to the beach where you can have a good time in the sun or for a place internationally recognized for academic excellence. So why not get some suggestions from us?

Do you want to know more before you decide where to go?

You will find out that course prices may vary a lot depending on the cities. So if you want to decide where to go based on prices it is important to take into account the cost of living in each place. That is why we have prepared the following table to help you to compare the basic day-to-day costs on our top destinations:

City *Supermarket **Rent ***Transport
London £25 p/week £90/£180 p/week £131.40 monthly zones 1-3
Bournemouth £20 p/week £60/£100 p/week £74.85 monthly pass
Brighton £20 p/week £75/£125 p/week £56.03 monthly pass
Swansea £20 p/week £50/£90 p/week £38.53 monthly pass
Oxford £20 p/week £60/£100 p/week £46.40 monthly pass
Cambridge £20 p/week £70/£120 p/week £39.63 monthly pass
Liverpool £20 p/week £60/£100 p/week £55.58 monthly pass
*Average weekly costs for 1 person (food, basic laundry & toiletry items)
**Average weekly cost of a single room (in City Centre & Outside of Centre)
***Price does not include students discounts available in some cities
****Prices for reference only


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