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Study English in London


Study English in London

The best English courses in London

Known as one of the world’s most exciting capital, London welcomes you with legend, tradition and culture!
With a bustling multicultural population the city is full of contrasts and offers so much to see and do such as famous historic attractions like Big Ben, the British Museum and the Tower of London . Art galleries like the Tate Modern and Tate Britain, tourist spots like Buckingham Palace, Piccadilly Circus and Hyde Park and also different places to explore and discover like the cradle of punk in Camden Town or the flea market in Notting Hill and the vibrant nightlife for all ages and tribes all over the city.

However much you may have heard about London there will always be something new to experience SO why are you waiting to choose this truly cosmopolitan city to learn English?

Please take a look below on our most popular English courses in London and their prices. Alternatively, course and accommodation options can be customised to suit your individual needs and preferences.   So if you have a different course type or duration please contact our team by email or by phone: +44 (0)20 3137 3460 with your requirements. We will be more than happy to personalize your booking!

Prices from
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2 wks 6 wks 8 wks 12 wks 24 wks *Special packages
**General English 15h p/wk £ 218 £ 392 £ 464 £ 608 £ 978 £ 870
General English Callan method 10h p/wk £156 £300 £372 £528 £924 £780
General English plus conversation 20h p/wk £294 £564 £684 £906 £1440 £996
Intensive General English 30h p/wk £414 £912 £1164 £1530 £2436 £1236
Business English 15h p/wk £240 £462 £595 £714 £1296 £912
*On Special Packages 4 wks course and shared accommodation in a student’s residence are included.
**Prices for General English in London 15h p/week are based on Afternoon classes.

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About our Central London school
Over 10 years experience in teaching English offering  a range of high-quality English courses combining individual attention with expert tuition to provide a caring, supportive environment. Fully accredited by British council and ISI, also UKBA sponsor registered.

We are in the heart of London in four separate places, all with their own unique charm and buzz. We have most levels at all our centres so you can usually choose where to study. Our main location is 2 minutes walking from Holborn station within the Central Line. The facilities are specially designed for the best possible learning experience. All classrooms have the latest technology, including interactive whiteboards and free wifi.

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About our Callan method school
Fully accredited by British council and registered as sponsor by UKBA. The school teaches English using the Callan Method which works fast, is fun to use and has proven to be successful with any student, regardless of their age, nationality or learning ability. It is based on the Natural Approach, similar to the way children learn their first language: the student first hears a new word, then imitates what he hears, later sees the word written, and finally writes it himself.

Located in Chiswick a beautiful residential part of West London, renowned for its numerous bars, cafes and restaurants. Most people come to the area to admire the 18th century architectural style of Chiswick House and visit the home of the artist William Hogarth. Our building is located at less than 2 minutes walk from the underground station. The main road is equally accessible by buses running between Hammersmith, Fulham, Shepherd’s Bush, Ealing,Twickenham and Richmond.


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