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Work Experience and Internship in London

internship in london

Take the right path to achieve the best results for your future career!

We offer tailored programmes to meet your individual needs according to your language skills, experience and subjects of study.

You can apply for an internship with us if you need to have a work experience abroad as part of your studies, if you want to gain business English fluency or if you are interested in adding value to your curriculum working in a British company.

Our exclusive opportunities will boost candidate’s knowledge, providing valuable insights, work experience & genuine skills to really improve your professional career.

Most of our internship vacancies are based in London covering a broad range of sectors:

Marketing & sales, business management, international trading, events management, hospitality, travel & tourism, retail & customer services, accounting & finance, legal, languages, human resources, computing & IT, graphic & webdesign, engineering, archicture, gastronomy, health & beauty, and many others!

We are constantly getting new vacancies recruiting interns all year round, not just in the summer, so why not join our list of successful young professionals right now?

For more information please mail our expert team

We recommend registering with us at least one month before you want to start the internship. Anyway, in most of the cases depending on the type of programme and the candidate requirements we can find suitable vacancies very soon.


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